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About me < Tarot & Cartomancie, Bertrand

About me

Bertrand Saint-Guillain

tarot and cards reader

I have been passionate about the Tarots and Divinatory Arts since my teenage years - some time before home computers, cell phones and the internet existed.

In the field of "divinatory arts" or whatever you choose to call these disciplines, I worked with Tarots, I-Ching and Geomancy ; the Tarots are my favourite technique to accomplish what Jean Servier called very appropriately "a relationship to the invisible" - although I might at times use also simple latin suited cards.

My studies of Tarot have led me to create some tarot decks, designing, carving and making them, attaching myself to respect in the closest way ancient cardmakers work, you can check that work on its dedicated website.

Card reading, as any other divinatory art or even music, is not about the tools. The techniques described in manuals and different items can channel sensations or even the visionnary event, only accepting this Seeing and a practical, honnest and sensitive engagement can enable the voyance - and I'd rather here use the french word voyance rather than clairvoyance, because it is not always as clear as the word may let believe.