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Read the whole deck < Tarot & Cartomancie, Bertrand

Read the whole deck

There are no minor cards in the Tarot - although a modern convention tend to make us call the pip and court cards as "minors".

There are trumps from I to XXI, there is the Mat or Fol or Fool, there are the honors or court cards, there are the numeral cards or pips.

Put aside all of your "major arcana" and court cards, watch the pips as living beings, cells, animals, people, plants (especially plants !), minerals, dispose them as a picture and tell a story.

Take the court cards by suit, smell their smell by looking at them - if it smells like cardboard, picture the smell in your mind, if it smells bad wash your hands. Taste the sound of the numeral cards.

In the dark, listen each suits' colour separately, put them together and use them as a light to read the book you're currently reading.

Arrange all the numeral card by their order, touch their movements.

Plant a Denier, water it with a Coupe, cut them with an Epées, light them with a Bâton.

Count the Deniers, how much do you reach ?
Measure the Coupes, how many gallons do you get ?
Shake the Epées, what's the wind speed on the Beaufort Scale ?
Warm yourself with the Batons, what is the température ?

Nnote your answers, learn them by heart and forget them.

Restart twenty-two times, twenty one times in order, one time in disorder.

Shuffle the whole deck, pick 78 cards and interpret.
Shuffle the whole deck, draw a single card, listen it, watch it sprout, grow, fade and wither. Do the same with the remaining 77 cards.

Draw 40 cards and pretend they're in the order the As de Denier to the 10 of Bâtons.

Count the Epées and Bâtons from smallest to largest and cups Coupes and Deniers from largest to smallest, then invert.

Spread the cards from ace to ten from left to right and from deniers to batons through coupes and épées from bottom to top.

Behold, listen, sniff, touch.

At night, spread your cards in your dreams, take conscience of your hands and sort your whole deck, then spread all the cards again, count the missing cards, the ones that moved, the doubles.

At day, handle your pack of cards the eyes closed, spread the cards and tidy them up, then open your eyes and without sleeping dream of the cards.

Learn to cut the 78 cards deck with a single hand.

Know how to fan elegantly your cards.

Never cheat.

Mix everything thoroughly, et let cook at moderate temperature.

When you'll be done with numeral cards and honors, forget all you thought you knew about trumps and apply the same method, it should be extremely faster.