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Consultations and prestations < Tarot & Cartomancie, Bertrand

Consultations and prestations

Tarot reading in Paris

I do tarot readings mostly in Paris, but also where I am at the moment - or anywhere else with special conditions.

This usually takes place in one of the Cafés where I often do readings in the 11th or 12th district.


A private tarot reading is 80 € including taxes. You may pay by cash or check at the time of the reading, or if you prefer, you may pay in advance after scheduling through paypal or a credit card.

If you wish to make an appointment, contact-me.

possibility of distant or in advance payment by credit card through this link (or this one).

Distance reading

Distance readings are sometimes possible although not recommended, starting at 80 €, and preferably for people I already met in a private face to face reading. Anyway a prior contact by phone is mandatory - among other things to determine an appropriate time, taking in account schedules and time differences. Reading may take the form of an email exchange or preferably a skype session depending of the currently available technical possibilities and according to the most adequate solution.

you'll receive a paypal invoice when appointment will be taken so you'll need an email adress (no paypal account needed, or so they say) or you be able to pay through this link..


A blind leads other blinds and I deserve to be punished by my late masters. No-one will receive a Zen Master certificate from me. Ikkyū Sōjun, in « Nuages fous », translated to French by Maryse and Masumi Shibata

I dare quote here a zen master, because he expresses better than I could ever do the impossibility of "teaching" tarot ; I don't offer a cursus in tarot, and I don't deliver certifications or diplomas. Nevertheless, if someone asks I may propose under certain conditions to share my approach, methods and the techniques I use, for one or several working sessions, exclusively face-to-face, one person at a time ; the rate is determined for each particular case. Think about it in terms of days in immersion, not hours of lessons, you'll have to move and hopefully will be moved.

Other services

For all services (groups, talks, papers, etc... ) or services outside the areas indicated above, special rates and charges will be determined in advance on a case by case basis.

Please contact me to discuss together the applicable conditions.