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Deontology and ethics < Tarot & Cartomancie, Bertrand

Deontology and ethics

« Le Tarot a été conçu par des gens qui étaient au contact du monde… »
« Tarot has been designed by people who were in contact with the world… », Jean Carteret

I pledge to do my work with sincerity, honesty and objectivity, in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements imposed by law and regulations regarding social security and tax authorities.

I am bound by an obligation of means and not results. Concerning divination, this requirement forbids me to guarantee the achievement of certain events or the infallibility of predictions and promised or guaranteed results.

The consultation goal is to inform the consultant about his/her present, about the potential buried there and its roots, to reveal points that need attention and to answer questions. It does not exclude free will, on the contrary the consultation aim at a better expression of the this free will.

Confidentiality is obviously the basis of our relationship. Card reading is an act strictly confidential where respect for privacy is a prerequisite. Similarly, the reading is made in respect of beliefs and convictions of the consultant and without passing any judgment on him.

Not being a health professional, I can not offer any kind of medical diagnosis or advice.

The consultation can be interrupted by the consultant at any time at his/her discretion.

Rates are listed on this site - for special services not listed the rates will be discussed and agreed in advance. The amount at the end of consultation can not be greater than what had been announced earlier in the session or when not announced will be consistent with the rates indicated on the website, the consultant agrees to pay the full amount due at the end of the consultation.