I'm an enthusiastic user of the GetSimple CMS, very well named mini-CMS. The purpose of this page is to share my personnal hacks.

Today a professional psychic card reader, I worked in the past and for several years as a graphic designer and interactive designer in the advertising industry.

If you enjoy this CMS, consider making a donation to Get-Simple.

BSG Admin Header Background

When someone uses GetSimple on several installations, it is sometimes difficult to quickly identify on which website one is currently working - the only way being to check the admin page title. Customizing the page header enables to identify at a glance a website. It saves the hassle of installing or creating a custom admin theme, thus keeping the standard usability. The plugin comes with a few predefined base64 encoded patternds but any image link will do the job as well.

Installation instructions : drop the php file into the plugin folder of your Get-Simple installation.

Configuration : the plugin settings are reachable through the "Plugins" tab, by clicking on the "Admin Header Background" button on the right.